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How do I know what size sway bar end links I need after swapping to the coilover lowering kit?

When installing a coilover lowering kit on your vehicle, it's important to determine the correct size sway bar end links to ensure optimal handling. Since the location of the end link bracket can vary between different coil-over brands for the same car model, using the wrong size end links can lead to issues like rattling or poor suspension performance. Here's how to measure for the correct end link size:

  1. Locate a fixed point on the strut of your vehicle.
  2. Use a measuring tape to measure the distance from your fixed point to the center of the hole on the end link bracket, for both your factory strut and your coil-over strut.
  3. Subtract the coil-over strut measurement from your factory strut measurement. This will tell you how far the end link bracket has moved relative to your factory strut location.
  4. Use a measuring tape to determine the length of your factory sway bar end links from the center of one ball joint to the center of the other.
  5. Finally, subtract the difference in bracket location that you calculated in Step 3 from your factory end link measurement. This will give you the new length for your sway bar end links that you will need for your coil-over lowering kit.

By following these steps, you'll be able to identify the correct size sway bar end links for your specific coilover setup, ensuring that everything fits and performs optimally.

Coilover Sway Bar End Links Setup