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Full Length Adjutable Benefits

What is "Full Length Adjustable"?

Traditionally in order to lower the car with coilovers, users would adjust the preload of the spring to achieve desired ride height. Godspeed offers "Full Length Adjustable" coilovers allows full length of the strut to be adjust independently of the springs. Ride comfort are more acceptable by adjusting the full length of the struts to shorter without shorten the shock piston travel. Since spring preload can be set seperately, more stiffer ride can be achieve by increase preload setting on the spring without lowering the vehicel to undrivable condition.

Diagram on the left should help you visualize what we have just talked about and should provide you a better understand on how this whole "full length adjustable coilover" works.

  • Allows Adjustment Spring And Full Length Are Sperately
  • Spring Preload Helps Stiffening Your Ride To Improve Handling
  • Longer Shock Piston Travel Helps Ease Ride Roughness

STRUT - Typically, struts consists of a coil spring to support the vehicle's weight, a strut housing to provide rigid structural support for the assembly, and a damping unit within the strut housing to control spring and suspension movement.

COIL SPRING - a helical spring made from metal wire or a metal band.

SHOCK ABSOBER(SHOCKS) - a device for absorbing jolts and vibrations, especially on a motor vehicle.